Access and Inclusion

Everyone works together in pursuit and support of the same promise offered by the founders of this country. The rights and opportunities promised to all who came and all who stayed.

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And the right and opportunity for self-governance.

As Mayor and official of the people's government of the City of San Jose, it would be my job to lead the council in the management and development of the cities' resources and assets.

My goal is to reaffirm and secure the promised rights to all individuals and citizens of San Jose. Reestablish and guarantee our right to be governed by the people and for the people.

I will provide all city residents the opportunity to collaborate and provide input into the creation of the safest, happiest and self-sustaining city in the world.
Keep The Promise.
Fulfill The Dream!
- Provide housing.
- Ensure sustainability through training needs assessments and follow up monitoring.
- Affordable housing for us all
- Reactivate and enforce previous requirement for contractors developers to build a percentage of affordable and below market homes prices. Ensure sustainability through financial literacy programs.

Crime Reduction
- Community Policing and reduce the use of deadly force. Community stakeholders. Collaborative Council.
- Convictions -

Once an individual has paid for their crime and served their time.

The continued punishment by the stigma of a Felony conviction must be removed.

The majority of those living on the streets and homeless are there because they are unable to hold and maintain employment, as a result of the forever lingering results of the felony conviction.

Social benefits of Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform

- Reduction in recidivism

- Reduced crimes

- Increase in public safety

- Increases economic production

- Increases tax base

- Increases community pride and civic engagement

City Development

- Solar and Green Garden Rooftops

- Research city of San Jose specific talent and or resources native to or inherent to San Jose for culture, knowledge and economic growth and opportunities.

Explore the opportunity in bitcoin development and exchange.

- Research, find and or develop a skill, asset, knowledge base, product or resource specific to the City of San Jose that it can export and capitalize on to increase city revenue.

For example:

- Palo Alto owns its own Utilities, Mountain View its own Sewage Treatment Plant.

What can San Jose do?

- Consider, advantages and disadvantages of a city toll bridge. What would be the effect on and response by neighboring cities?
Keep The Promise. Fulfill The Dream!    
Home Flooding

Facilitate residents who have lost their homes through natural disasters become whole again.

Question: How do you stop flooding?
Answer: Stop Erosion. Plant trees.

Smart City Development -
- Leverage our Silicon Valley innovative talent pool to make San Jose into one of the first Smart Cities in the USA (Use different types of electronic data collection sensors to provide the information needed to manage our assets and resources efficiently.)
- City roads, highways, waterways, tunnels, utilities, plumbing, buildings, city planning, etc.

Health and Medical Care
- Promotion of Countywide Universal Health and Medical Coverage and Statewide Universal Health and Medical Coverage

- Eliminate school to prison pipeline. Reestablish Arts Programs- Music, Arts and Theater. Home Economics.
- Establish genealogy studies programs. To help kids develop a sense of pride and a better understanding of who they are.
- Provide for school nurses, counselors and therapy programs. Reevaluate the idea of suspending kids and sending them home.

Economic Development
- Expand the economic base, employment opportunities and hope. Inspire and stimulate small and medium size business development and Jobs.

Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform