Born and raised by a poor, single parent mother, who died believing that we could do anything. Hello, I am Tyrone Wade. I remember Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the Kennedy's. And there was Vietnam, Nixon, Reagan and the Kent State massacre. I have worked for and in local government and the police department. I was a Marriage Family and Crisis Counselor and ran a homeless shelter. Those events and times have helped develop my life and beliefs. Today, however, I am concerned that the rights and protections my parents fought for, were maimed and died for are being rolled back. I am disturbed that this city still forces people to live on the streets and does not have affordable housing, that education is failing and creating generations of endless debt. I have the skills, life experience and history. Together, we can do better. My Mayoral platform provides us with hope, opportunity and a pathway to shared success and prosperity.